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    Restoration and Remediation in San Diego

    Flood and Fire Restoration

    Premier Restoration Services, Inc. offers  Flood and Fire Restoration, Water and Flood Damage Services, Fire and Smoke Damage Repair, Mold Remediation, Carpet Cleaning, Disaster Recovery for Commercial and Residential areas within San Diego County, Riverside and Orange County. We provide our customers with the best possible service in the industry. We strive to maintain the highest standards and to exceed your expectation.

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    Fire Damage Cleanup in San Diego
    Fire and Smoke Restoration
    Fire is one of the most destructive forces that exist, capable of consuming your entire home or business in a matter of minutes.


    Flood  and Water Restoration
     One of the most frequent losses, water, as we know, can cause an impressive amount of damage to your property if it is not stopped immediately.
    Water Damage Cleanup in San Diego


    Mold Cleanup in San Diego
    Mold Remediation
    Remediation is to remove the mold in order to prevent human exposure. Mold of certain genus or species can seriously affect the health of  humans and animals.
    Flood and Fire Restoration in San DiegoAsk About Our Construction Repair

    We offer construction repair on all commercial or residential structures, which includes alterations, painting, remodeling, transportation of construction and furnishing goods and material etc., undertaken by one of our licenced contractors or sub-contractors specializing in flood and fire restoration.

    -Client Testimonials-

    • "I couldn’t believe the damage to my store after the fire! I called Premier Restoration Services and they arrived within an hour. They had my store like new in no time. They retrieved much of my damaged valuables and restored them back to their original state! Thanks for giving me my life back!"

      My Life Back, Terry S., San Diego, CA

    • “Premier Restoration Services Inc. arrived very quickly after mold was discovered  in our house and they took care of the problem in a very professional manner.”

      Very Professional, Mary G., Mira Mesa, CA

    • The service you provided was impeccable. The rugs in the office are clean and smell fresh as expected. You managed to get a large office area done without interrupting business, thanks you!

      Impeccable Service, Rachel A., San Diego, CA

    • I needed my carpets cleaned and I needed it fast! PRS did such a wonderful job that I was asked if I had new carpet put in. I recommend them to anyone in need of a good carpet cleaning.

      Fast Response, Terry H., Del Mar, CA

    • Providing service to people in their darkest hours is tough. Providing the service the way your team did it is admirable. Your team did a great job restoring our house after it burned. Your crew was conscientious, hard working, friendly, and supporting. Thanks you!

      Restoring Homes, Amanda B., Chula Vista, CA

    • During the entire project we were very impressed with the professionalism that was exhibited by everyone in your company. We enthusiastically recommend Premier Restoration Services Inc. to anyone looking for a quality damage restoration company.

      Impressed, Frank A., Costa Mesa, CA




    -Helpful Information-

    First Thing FirstWho Pays?Why Premier Restoration Serives?
    Call Now! Our Flood and Fire Restoration experienced team will be dispatched within minutes. The faster we get there the more we can prevent further damage and get into the recovery process. Structures keep absorbing water, while smoke can smell up all of your belongings. The quicker we get started on the restoration the quicker your life can go back to normal. 
    This is probably one of your biggest worries right now. We are dedicated to helping you through the process with as little stress to you as possible. We work directly with most home owner insurance companies or will work with you to provide you with excellent service at a very reasonable price.
    We not only respond fast with all the equipment needed, but we have the ability to get all your flood and fire restoration and construction done without needing outside construction teams. Our professional technicians are both licensed and bonded to go through the entire process of restoration, remediation and construction repair. 
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